Emerging Indie Bands (London): Steve Hartsoe – "Salt And Wine"

Steve Hartsoe is able to wrest the deepest roots of Americana to deliver material that has at its core the key elements of rock ‘n’ roll and blues-rock giving it a slightly retro-feel and a more global appeal than is normally the case with the genre. 

I have had the opportunity to take a listen to the ten track album (which is available on Bandcamp) and can attest that those who enjoy a generous measure of Southern-blues with their rock will find much to enjoy in the just under forty minute running time. 

At this stage I am however, only able to share with you the opening track – Salt And Wine, which although a decent introduction to get a flavour of what is to follow, is not my pick of the release, that is – the eighth – "Side Of The Road."


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